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More than the sum of the individual parts – we always keep an eye on the success of the entire film production.

Post Production

We link the set with post-production. Together with our affiliate Pharos – The Post Group ( partners, we take care of editing, grading, sound, visual effects, and data backup services.

Cinematic MultiCam

Elaborate multi-camera productions with S35 cameras and cinema lenses turn every live event into a special visual experience with a unique visual aesthetic.

TechDay bei Non Stop Film Service in Warschau im eigenen Studio


Equipment, set-related systems, accessories, consumables, or accounting – our project managers enjoy supporting. With flexibility, professionalism and with more then 25 years of experience.

On-set Support

Upon request, we assist on-set with competent specialists, providing support services for camera and lighting.


Complex Projects

When it comes to shoot a demanding documentary at the Arctic Circle for 18 monts or at the ISS in space Ludwig Kameraverleih is the first choice. And these are just two success stories out of many more. ( creates a new user experience on data transfer and set-related workflows, including dailies, reviews, and approvals.