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At Ludwig Kameraverleih you are getting the latest lighting equipment for film, television and media production.



Here you can find modern lighting equipment for every film set.

Selected LED products

Litegear LiteMat Plus
KinoFlo Freestyle
Carpetlight CL-21
Astera Titan Tubes
Astera Hyperion Tubes
ARRI Skypanel S60-C

More lighting for Rental:

ACL 16x600W (28V) Aircraft Landing LightKunstlicht
ARRI 10kW/12kW Stufe T12Kunstlicht
ARRI 20kW/24kW Stufe T24Kunstlicht
Barger 3x800W 3-LiteKunstlicht
Barger 6x800W 6-LiteKunstlicht
Dinolight 12x1kW PAR64Kunstlicht
Dinolight 18 x 1kW PAR64Kunstlicht
Dinolight 6 x 1000 WattKunstlicht
Dinolight 9x1kW MaxiBrute PAR64Kunstlicht
ETC Source4 575/750W ProfilerKunstlicht
JEM Ball 1kW/2kW Springball 30"Kunstlicht
JEM Ball 500W Springball 19", E27Kunstlicht
JEM Ball 500W/1kW Springball 22"Kunstlicht
JEM Ball 5KW Fluter, Fläche, symetrischKunstlicht
MiniBrute 4x650W Blinder (PAR 36)Kunstlicht
MiniBrute 6x650W Blinder (PAR 36)Kunstlicht
MiniBrute 8x650W Blinder (PAR 36)Kunstlicht
Space Light 6x800W Halogen FluterKunstlicht
ARRI 1,2kW Fluter X12HMI
ARRI 1,2kW PAR ArriSun 12HMI
ARRI 1,2kW Stufe CompactHMI
ARRI 1,2kW/1,8kW M18HMI
ARRI 125W PocketPAR ArriluxHMI
ARRI 12kW PAR ArriSun 120HMI
ARRI 12kW/18kW ArriMaxHMI
ARRI 12kW/18kW Stufe Daylight (Fresnel)HMI
ARRI 2,5kW Stufe CompactHMI
ARRI 2,5kW/4kW Fluter Arri X 40/25HMI
ARRI 2,5kW/4kW M40HMI
ARRI 2,5kW/4kW PAR ArriSun 40/25HMI
ARRI 200W PocketPAR ArriluxHMI
ARRI 200W Stufe CompactHMI
ARRI 400W PocketPAR ArriluxHMI
ARRI 4kW Stufe D40 True BlueHMI
ARRI 575W PAR ArriSun 5HMI
ARRI 575W Stufe Compact / D5HMI
ARRI 6kW PAR ArriSun 60HMI
ARRI 6kW Stufe Arri CompactHMI
ARRI Bug-a-Beam (Source4 Adapter) für 400W PocketPar ArriLuxHMI
Dedolight 1,2kW Lightstream DPB 70HMI
Dedolight 200W DLH200DHMI
Dedolight 400W DLH400DHMI
Dedolight Panaura 3HMI
Dedolight Panaura 5HMI
Dedolight Panaura 7HMI
Dedolight Projektionsvorsatz DP400 (DLH400D, DLED9)HMI
Filmgear 1,2kW/1,8kW StufeHMI
Joker Bug 400W Par K5600HMI
Joker Bug 800W Par K5600HMI
Joker Bug Bug-a-Beam (Source4 Adapter) für 800W PAR K5600HMI
MoleBeam 2,5/4kWHMI
ARRI Orbiter (W)DMX Bicolor/RGBWLED
ARRI Skypanel S360-C (4x3 ft) (W)DMX Bicolor/RGBWLED
ARRI Skypanel S120-C (4x1 ft) DMX Bicolor/RGBWLED
ARRI Skypanel S30-C (1x1 ft) DMX Bicolor/RGBWLED
ARRI Skypanel S60-C (2x1 ft) DMX Bicolor/RGBWLED
Astera AX1 PixelTube RGBW 8fach KofferLED
Astera AX3 LightDrop RGBW 4fach KofferLED
Astera AX10 SpotMax Akku RGBWLED
Astera Titan Tube RGBW 8fach KofferLED
Astera Helios Tube RGBW 8fach KofferLED
Astera Hyperion Tube RGBW 4fach KofferLED
Astera NYX Bulb RGB (W)DMX 8fach KofferLED
Carpetlight CL44LED
Carpetlight CL42LED
Carpetlight CL21LED
Carpetlight CarpetinoLED
Carpetlight Stripe & Panel Kit DMX Bicolor bestehend aus:LED
Creamsource Vortex 8LED
Creamsource Doppio (2x1 ft) Spot lenses, BicolorLED
Dedolight DLED9-BI 90W DMX BicolorLED
Dedolight DLED4-BI 40W DMX BicolorLED
DMG Lumiere Maxi Mix RGBW/(W)DMX/LumenRadio/WifiLED
DMG Lumiere Maxi Switch BiColor (W)DMX/Lumenradio/WifiLED
DMG Lumiere Mini Mix DMXLED
DMG Lumiere SL1 Switch BiColorLED
Fomex FL1200 2x1ft BicolorLED
Fomex FL600 1x1ft 30x30cm BicolorLED
Fomex RollLite RL21 70x35cm DMX BicolorLED
Fomex RollLite RL31 92x46cm DMX BicolorLED
Fomex RollLite RL33 92x92cm DMX BicolorLED
Inteca Butterfly-LedZ 100 120x120cm 48"x48" BicolorLED
Inteca Butterfly-LedZ 81 120x120cm 48"x48" BicolorLED
KinoFlo Celeb 200 (2x1 ft) BicolorLED
KinoFlo Celeb 250 (2x1 ft) (W)DMX Bicolor/RGBWLED
KinoFlo Celeb 401Q (2x2 ft) (W)DMX BicolorLED
KinoFlo Celeb 450 Kit (4x1 ft) (W)DMX Bicolor/RGBWLED
KinoFlo Celeb 850 (114cm x 66cmt) (W)DMX Bicolor/RGBWLED
KinoFlo FreeStyle 21 (W)DMX Bicolor/RGBWLED
KinoFlo Freestyle 31 (W)DMX Bicolor/RGBWLED
KinoFlo FreeStyle 41 (W)DMX Bicolor/RGBWLED
KinoFlo Select 30 (W)DMX Bicolor/RGBWLED
Lightstar Luxed-4 Bi-ColorLED
Lightstar Luxed-9 Bi-ColorLED
LiteGear LiteMat Spectrum 1 29x53cm RGBWWALED
LiteGear LiteMat Spectrum 2 53x53cm RGBWWALED
LiteGear LiteMat Spectrum 2L 29x101cm RGBWWALED
LiteGear LiteMat Spectrum 3 53x77cm RGBWWALED
LiteGear LiteMat Spectrum 4 53x101cm RGBWWALED
LiteGear LiteMat+ Plus 1 29x53cm BicolorLED
LiteGear LiteMat+ Plus 2 53x53cm BicolorLED
LiteGear LiteMat+ Plus 2L 29x101cm BicolorLED
LiteGear LiteMat+ Plus 4 53x101cm BicolorLED
LiteGear LiteMat+ Plus 8LED
Sumolight Sumo100 BicolorLED
Swit PLE60 1x1ft 60W BiColorLED
Swit PLE90 2x1ft90W BiColorLED
Swit S2410 rund, 41,5cm, BicolorLED
Swit S2610 Flexible 46x60cm BicolorLED
Swit S2620 Flexible 30x45cm BicolorLED
Swit S2630 Flexible 60x60cm BicolorLED
Swit S2712 RGBWLED
Tecpro Felloni Turbo Bi-ColorLED
Tecpro Felloni2 BI50HO 1x1ft 30x30cm BicolorLED
TheLight Velvet Light 1 1x1ft 30x30cm DMX BicolorLED
TheLight Velvet Light 2 2x1ft 60x30cm DMX BicolorLED
TheLight Velvet Light 2 EVO 2x1ft 60x30cm DMX RGBWWLED